Building Wraps

Be it a small store, a corporate office building, or a chain of locations that stretch across the country, a business building needs an identity, YOUR identity. Banners and Signs are often used, but what about window wraps, wall wraps, or full building wraps?

i3 Imaging Group has the tools needed to accomplish this task. Do you want to fill your windows with graphics, but still allow people inside to see out? i3 Imaging group has the answer with perforated window films. Want to cover the entire side of your building with your business name? i3 Imaging Group has the wide and grand format printing capability to make it happen.

You can even take it inside with wall wraps and decals. Put your company logo in every hallway. Cover the wall of your conference room with a white-board wrap. You can even wrap your floors with logos, graphics, or promotional information. The sky is the limit!

Give us a call or Request a Quote today, and let i3 Imaging Group transform your building, and really put it to work for you!